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The unlock button

In the last few articles, we have talked about the first three buttons shown in the default room station view, namely the broadcast button, the speaker button, and the view button. Today, last but not least, we talk about the rightmost button, the unlock button.

The function of the unlock button is to unlock a gate or door remotely. An example of this is a front door leading into an apartment complex. In such an apartment complex, there usually is some type of intercom system through which a visitor at the front door is able to call upon a resident. On the resident side, the intercom has a button that the resident presses to remotely unlock the front door to allow the visitor to enter.

At this point, you are probably wondering how a piece of software such as Com Intercom can magically unlock a gate or door. The answer is by using a relay controlled by Com Intercom through Bluetooth or WiFi. The relay is wired directly to the lock that it controls. Currently, Com Intercom supports the LazyBone SmartPhone Controlled Switches, both the Bluetooth and WiFi versions.

When you tap the unlock button in the default room station view, Com Intercom presents a list of the stations. Presumably, each door station has a corresponding gate or door to which it controls access. So usually you would just select a door station, but it is possible to send the unlock command to any station.

Normally, you would only use the unlock button when you are communicating with a specific station, such as a door station where a visitor has rang the doorbell. Tapping the unlock button in this case sends the unlock command to the specific station with which you are currently communicating without you needing to select the station from a list.

To set up the unlock device, go to the Settings and scroll to the Unlock Device section, where you can select the Unlock device type from the list of supported devices. If the device is on WiFi, you will need to enter its IP address in the Unlock device address field. For the Unlock duration field, specify how long you want the unlock state to be held. By default it is five seconds to allow a visitor to open the gate or door.

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