com intercom

Welcome to our home. Ring the doorbell and come on in!

We are proud to introduce Com Intercom for Android, an app for creating a wireless video intercom communication system for your home or business using Android devices. Follow along in the coming weeks and months as we introduce and talk about all the exciting features.

And one more thing…Com Intercom is free.

Download now on Google Play™.

Doorbell cleaning

If your door station is outside and exposed to the elements as we imagine most doorbells would be, then the screen of your door station device will need cleaning periodically. But how do you easily clean the screen without constantly ringing the doorbell? The answer is that you can turn the doorbell off from any room station.

From the menu of a room station, select Stations to get the list of stations. Hold down on the entry for the door station whose screen you want to clean until you get the context menu. There, select Doorbell settings.

On the doorbell settings screen, at the top, under the station name, tap the switch to turn the doorbell off. The door station screen will now just show a black screen and you can proceed to clean it. When you are done, simply tap the switch to turn the doorbell back on.

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